All Day Sartorial Inspiration

All Day Sartorial Inspiration
All Day Sartorial Inspiration
Timeless Diary of a Muse

This is a day of a BC Woman. Garments to feel free and powerful, subtle and timeless sophistication.

It doesn't matter the sun or the moon. The brightness of the day or the stars. It's a pleasure to walk comfortably like this, with what I wear, with what I look like. I chose a lingerie-inspired outfit, a set with a wide shirt and flowing pants, with a botanical air print, one of those that reminds me of coral reefs, with strength and personality and that subtle sophistication that we all need daily. Effortless.

pantalon morus

The morning coffee brightens up the day. Coconut milk and the exact point of sweetener to finish igniting batteries. It is a cool day, one of those with a radiant sun and a caressing breeze. A meeting here, other emails to answer here, and another coffee? A quick break never hurts, nor is it a compliment from my co-workers for my look. It has the strength of the sea where I come from, it seems that it has painted the flora that is born underwater, but it is so out of season that I could also wear it in a city between mountains, with a temperate climate, with the same feeling of comfort and timelessness.

An unexpected work lunch comes up, but I'm wearing a set that can handle anything. That feeling accompanies me, especially when I choose Beatriz Camacho. I like being a BC Woman: free, conscious, special. I have the power to decide what I like, and my clothes speak for me. I am my own muse.

Why do I like this outfit so much? I think she has it all: that sartorial suggestion and the transformed lingerie charm. Two pieces in natural fibers, a long-sleeved shirt, and silk pants: the best canvas for stamping the poetry of nature. There are vibes of the vibrant flowers of the 70s, an abstract print that gives a nostalgic twist to the garments. A certain future nostalgia, Dua Lipa would say.

Evening falls, the prelude to my plan for tonight: dinner with my friends at the trendy restaurant. I let my hair down, a new lipstick color, and drive to my destination. Tapas and champagne, adventure stories, laughter, and even an unexpected dance under the full moon. A good omen, perhaps. Time to make wishes so that they come true, although I am already conquering them. I have a creative soul that is balanced with the pragmatism of the contemporary woman. Dreamy but aware. I can fly with my look, which is poetry. Again I hear Dua Lipa in my mind: I'm levitating.