Destination: paradise. Travel to the tropics with a bohemian spirit

Destination: paradise. Travel to the tropics with a bohemian spirit
Destination: paradise. Travel to the tropics with a bohemian spirit
By: Andrea Jiménez

The return of boho chic has brought items such as long, flowing dresses, skirts reminiscent of pareos, and lingerie-inspired shirts and blazers into the closet. The beach is the ideal setting to show them off, and an unbeatable destination to connect with a renewed nature that inspires the fashion universe.

The first two months of this 2023 set us the path of the trends that will cover the year. A technological artisan who vibrates with the revival of the boho chic style and fills her closet with floral prints will be the star of this calendar. Now is the time for that woman to find the best setting and play with the possibilities of her clothes, combine them and create unforgettable looks.

With the arrival of the festive bridges and Easter looming, travel plans appear: a unique opportunity to wear dream outfits. It is time to pack your bags, put together an itinerary and enjoy sunny days in the tropics, some of the favorite destinations of all times, maybe the ones that are most connected with the idea of ​​enjoying nature to the fullest, with tones that remind us of the strength of the four elements. Beach days are here, and paradise deserves fashion to enjoy it.

Eternal summer enthusiasts will choose the sun after the stressful and lockdown times of the pandemic, and Lounge to Beach garments such as shirt dresses, matching sets, pareo skirts, bodycon dresses and halter tops, to move between the each and the beach bar. The spirit of the boho chic and the artisan sensibility will also prevail in this destination. It will be the time for sun-bleached colors, tie dye, natural fibers, reversible garments, and vintage details and graphics.

Raíces, the most recent collection by Beatriz Camacho, is a declaration of love for the traces of the wild and the tribal of our ancestors, embodied in versatile pieces that combine the delicate fury of the bohemian and the old-fashioned with the exuberance of the tropic. Long dresses, blazers and asymmetrical skirts are the garments that stand out in this ode to a renewed nature, which opens up to the world and floods everything. The amalgamation of earthy colours, sprinkled with the green of the flowery universe and the blue of the sea, paint the feminine looks on this trip to warm lands.

The dress, which reigns in its maxi version, will take flight with the organic and subtle movement that distinguishes the Beatriz Camacho label. You can reserve a long and flowing dress for that romantic night in the middle of the tropical route, or for that dinner with your friends or trip accomplices. Its midi version, tighter to the body, is the one for casual lunches, to visit the trendy restaurant on the chosen beach, so don't forget to pack a short asymmetrical dress, with large prints or faded colors. In both cases, the halter neck is a resounding yes; a subtle but very eloquent touch this season.

Skirts inspired by pareos, also tie dye, and with vintage details such as fringes, which give movement to the silhouette, are another must have. A success for the pool and the beach, or for strolling among the resort's sunbathing chairs and umbrellas before a swim in the sea. If you are one of the bold ones who prefers to innovate with summer looks, your thing is a shirt dress, or a blazer turned into one, to give you that lingerie inspiration that is so fashionable these days.

Paradise is there for you. You just need to pack your bags under the influence of this year's trends, perfect for becoming a true paradise muse.