Spring trends and the boho chic revival

Spring trends and the boho chic revival

An unconventional spring blossoms in this seasonal prints

Boho chic has made a strong comeback to street style. How to update it? With illustrations that seem to have been painted by hand: prints of unexpected flowers, large leaves and colors that remind us of the deep connection with nature.

The boho chic revival is now. This style once again takes over street style while all lights point to vintage, which in a recent wave has risen to the top of the crest: an already familiar boom but with new winds, tailored to a contemporary society who is getting more and more used to hybrid lifestyles, to the balance between craft and technology, seeking sustainability.

The bohemian renaissance places the accent on the old-fashioned aesthetic, which opts for radiant pastel tones, a touch of shine and abstract prints which will appropriate the looks so that women can connect with the natural spirit that vibrates this season. And it is in the prints where this stylistic force will be concentrated. The illustration will be a detail that will not go unnoticed in the outfits, as it inspires the sensation of the artisan, handcraft, something especially appreciated by the woman enchanted by psychedelic bohemian, who chooses the most purist and lively side of boho chic. An attribute that Beatriz Camacho knows well: this revival is into her most recent collection.

The landscape of origin: the prints of the moment

Vibrant flowers from the 70s and abstract prints add a nostalgic touch to A-line skirts, dreamy blouses -off-the-shoulder and cut-outs are all the rage-, flared pants and the queen garment: the dress. Fluid maxi moments in natural fibers, silk, macramé, chiffon or lace will be the order of the day. And it is that the leaves, flowers and plants continue to inspire the prints, silhouettes and embroideries of this time of year, such as the halter midi dress, which becomes an expression of the ultra-feminine. But it is not an ordinary spring that blooms, but an unexpected one: strange and unconventionally shaped leaves, large flowers and hints of diffuse landscapes.

Beatriz Camacho's journey into nostalgia has flourished for this woman who believes in the poetry of nature, embodied in illustrations that recall her roots. Silks, linens, cotton and natural fibers embrace the skin in herbal and floral figures, prints taken from tribal art typical of rock architecture, where the secret of our origin lives, one of the connections that fashion seeks to establish this season.

Textures and natural colors like peachy pink, luscious red, tangerine orange, nude, and especially sundial pervade everything, transporting us to majestic rock formations, rugged terrain, and mineral motifs. Also, to the infinite blue of the sea, or to the colors with which the horizon is painted. A delicate balance between the colors of the four elements of nature -earth, fire, water and air-, essential to maintain the harmony of the planet.

With what clothes do we update the closet to boho chic? Printed dresses, printed dresses and more printed dresses! The fluid silhouette will mark this season, as proposed by Beatriz Camacho, so asymmetrical skirts with an A-line silhouette will be another great option. In other words: fly!

When to use them? As they are a must have, long and midi dresses and long and asymmetrical skirts are usually quite versatile. They will accompany us throughout the season. Don't forget to pack your printed asymmetrical skirts on your next trips to the tropics or for a beach wedding; a halter blouse will be the ideal complement. A maxi dress will be perfect for a romantic dinner, and a printed midi dress will be unforgettable at an important work meeting, whether in cold or tropical weather.

Tip: Combine them with macramé or suede details, such as a belt, or with a fringed bag. If you wear a printed skirt in cold weather, suede Texan boots will be the best choice.