The Tech-Inspired Crafter: the woman who will shine in 2023

The Tech-Inspired Crafter: the woman who will shine in 2023


Article by: Andrea Jiménez


With a color palette that conveys hope and emotion, and a careful balance between the manual and the digital, the boho chic style goes one step further and aligns itself with sustainability, one of the pillars of fashion this year.

The beginning of the year is usually inspiring, and this 2023 is already being so. After the Spring-Summer Haute Couture runways that flashed in Paris, and while the calendar picked up its usual rhythm -with trend predictions beginning to materialize-, we could see more clearly what will be going on this year, at least in its first season.

Colors and styles begin to take shape and reach clothing in 2023, in which the dark days of the pandemic are still very present, so a renewed optimism will be sheathed through tones that convey a sense of hope and balance, illusion with feet on the ground.

What colors will we wear?

The palette will be painted in warm colors like peachy pink, luscious red, tangerine orange, nude, and sundial, and filled with cool undertones of digital lavender, verdigris, tranquil blue, avatar blue, and avocado green. A radiant rainbow that will allow you to be fashionable while making yourself feel the megatrends that the experts have projected.

The 2023 trend colors “speak of time spent in the virtual world, as technology enables increasingly sophisticated fantasies and continued uncertainty in the real world, encouraging us to stay in these spaces,” explains Joanne Thomas, content lead from Coloro and trend forecasting with WGSN. That virtual confidence will be expressed in shades like tranquil blue, luscious red, verdigris and digital lavender, which look new and exciting.

Another color that will shine is the sundial, which implies that connection with sustainability, one of the great trends that women's fashion will follow this year. And it is that sustainability will cease to be a theoretical concept to become a reality from the design, since the demand of the consumers will go to buy less, but better, as a great premise and promise of contemporary women. With wide chromatic possibilities, based on the 2023 palette, garments in the proposed shades can be worn in a more thoughtful and sustainable way, allowing them to mix and match with each other in different seasons and in a richer amalgam of use opportunities. It is not time for fast fashion, but for wardrobe treasures that never cease to be a must have.

The beat of the Tech-Inspired Crafter

The charm for the technological and the digital will then merge with the value of the handmade and the unique. This will mark the spirit of the Tech-Inspired Crafter, a profile that rather than being ambivalent is presented as compatible and complementary, and that invites reuse, reducing waste and improving production time. The boho chic style beats in the technological artisan, which evolves to align with sustainability and subtle artisan charm. She is independent and free, fresh and natural, but sophisticated, and is interested in knowing the origin and end of what she wears. This is reflected in Illustrations made by hand in clothing workshops or ateliers, an avant-garde brushstroke that preserves the soul of the manual, a wink powerfully perceived by this woman.

That artisanal sensitivity in women's looks will also be latent in highly relevant details, trends that marked the history of fashion throughout different eras. The fluid silhouettes and cuts and the sculptural pieces will be the favorites of the woman of 2023, with inevitable elements such as draping, fringes, feathers, knots, cotton lace borders and hand-embroidered details, which will give to the structure a touch of volume and softness. Asymmetrical skirts and dresses of the same cut that leave the shoulder exposed will be the key garments, with transparencies and cut-outs as decorations.

How to be a Tech-Inspired Crafter?

Must have: Informal dresses and asymmetrical skirts

Don't forget to wear them at: A weekend brunch or special occasion, to wear on your business days and as festive fashion to celebrate.

Tip: Clean and minimalist, with curved cuts, and draping, fringes or some other detail that adds volume and soft structure to the look.